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Skin Rejuvenation

At the Jasmine Rooms our aim is to offer a comprehensive range of services that will keep you looking younger for longer. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment is a mature, effective and low risk treatment method. During your IPL treatment, high energy Xenon light and radio frequency current are used. The treatment will bring about

• Permanent Hair Removal;
• Treatment of Vascular Lesions (Spider Veins & Rosacea);
• Skin Rejuvenation;
• Treatment of Pigmentation and Acne.

Your treatment will start with an in-depth consultation to determine the outcomes you want, assess your skin type and condition and discuss the likely results you will get. The therapist will perform a test patch treatment, recommend a course of action that will meet your requirements and agree pricing and frequency of treatment with you. When you are ready to find out more, please give us a ring at the Jasmine Rooms to book a consultation where your precise needs will be discussed and a solution proposed for you.

Treatment with IPL shows quickly visible and good results in this field. The number of treatments depends on the type and intensity of the skin problem. As part of the natural ageing process, the collagen cells that are firm and oval during youth flatten slowly but steadily. This makes the skin surface texture change. Fine lines become visible as first fine wrinkles. The gentle treatment with IPL causes a padding process as well as the formation of new collagen fibres and skin's own elastin. Wrinkles are visibly smoothed. The Xenon light is converted into heat by the elastin and light radio frequency current is subsequently conducted. The generated energy, concentrated in the deeper areas of the dermis, as well as the heat, stimulate the skin to produce new collagen. The result is a healthy, younger and fresher looking skin. One treatment every three to four weeks is recommended for the best results and your treatment regime will be discussed and agreed at your consultation.

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