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Permanent Hair Removal

At the Jasmine Rooms our aim is to offer a comprehensive range of services that will keep you looking younger for longer. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment is a mature, effective and low risk treatment method. During your IPL treatment, high energy Xenon light and radio frequency current are used. The treatment will bring about Permanent Hair Removal; Treatment of Vascular Lesions (Spider Veins & Rosacea); Skin Rejuvenation; Treatment of Pigmentation and Acne. Your treatment will start with an in-depth consultation to determine the outcomes you want, assess your skin type and condition and discuss the likely results you will get. The therapist will perform a test patch treatment, recommend a course of action that will meet your requirements and agree pricing and frequency of treatment with you. When you are ready to find out more, please give us a ring at the Jasmine Rooms to book a consultation where your precise needs will be discussed and a solution proposed for you.
In an IPL treatment a flash of light is brought onto the skin within a very short time (adjustable in milliseconds). The follicle is heated and thermally irreversibly destroyed. It is then no longer capable of producing new hair growth. Radio Frequency (RF) is added to treat weakly pigmented, light hair. Within the growth periods (4 to 12 weeks, depending on the body zone) the body puts resting follicles in an active state which leads to the development of hair follicles and the growth of hair. During each of these growth phases the IPL / RF treatment will take place. The IPL / RF technology is used for permanent hair removal on the face, whole body as well as arms and legs. Contact gel is applied onto the body zone to be treated. The hand piece of the IPL device is placed on the skin with slight pressure and a flash of light is emitted. The release of the light pulse feels like a slight tingling or pulling. Throughout the treatment the eyes of both, client and operator are protected by special IPL glasses. These glasses are removed only after treatment. In general, several visits (this will differ from client to client) are necessary for complete epilation. This is because only hair which is currently in its growth phase can be treated successfully. During this phase, the necessary concentration of melanin in the follicle is highest.

Permanent Hair Removal Treatment Advice

Before Your Treatment
• Avoid sun exposure (natural or tanning beds) so that your skin is not sunburnt or peeling;
• One day prior to treatment shave hair at the body zone to be treated.
After Your Treatment
The week after treatment, drink sufficiently, at least 2 litres a day (such as light mineral water, fruit or fruit juice spritzers).
• Avoid sun exposure for at least 2 weeks (natural or tanning beds). Delivering energy to the skin may develop a slight redness. These so called perifollicular edema are completely normal and comparable to very slight sunburn. Usually, the effect subsides entirely within a few hours after treatment. Give your skin enough time to recover and avoid additional influences or pressures. Allow your skin to recover and take good care of it. Very rarely, slightly lighter or darker areas than the surrounding skin area appear after treatment. This pigment shift will get back to normal by itself. The most important precaution to avoid pigment shifts is sun protection prior to treatment and at least 2 weeks after treatment. Avoid direct sun or tanning beds during the whole treatment period.

Massage Duration Price
Upper Lip £40 £200
Chin £50 £250
Upper Lip & Chin £75 £375
Sides of Face £55 £275
Neck from £50 £250
Centre Brow from £30 £150
Bottom Lip £25 £125
Beard £180 £900
Underarms £70 £350
Standard Bikini £80 £400
Hi-Leg Bikini £100 £500
G-String £120 £600
Brazilian/Hollywood £145 £725
Half Arms £90 £450
Full Arms £160 £800
Stomach £65 £325
Buttocks £70 £350
Feet & Toes £60 £300
Hands £60 £300
Chest from £180 £900
Lower Legs £200 £1000
Upper Legs £220 £1100
Full Leg £350 £1750
Full Back & Shoulders £250 £1250
Shoulders £110 £550
Full Back £195 £975
Half Back £145 £725
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