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Lose Weight @ The Jasmine Rooms

At the Jasmine Rooms we will help you fulfil your goal to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. No need for diet pills or diets that rarely help you to keep weight off. Utilising Advanced Hypnotherapy techniques combined with NLP Harley Street Hypnotherapist Rob Martin will get to the root of why you over-eat or eat the wrong foods or simply lack motivation and will empower you to kick start your new positive lifestyle changes! With the positive and proactive approach that Hypnotherapy offers, Rob Martin can help you to live a healthy lifestyle; enjoy a healthy way of eating; become a healthier you! Hypnosis addresses what is often considered to be the root of the problem; emotional eating. Diet programs alone are unable to do this. Does this sound like you?
When you see yourself in the mirror, you wonder how you let yourself get to this point;

• You know why you should lose weight;
• You really want to lose weight;
• You want to feel healthier, more energetic and more confident;
• You just want to look and feel good.

Regardless of the amount of weight that you would like to lose, Hypnotherapy provides a healthy natural way of losing weight. It is very effective because it deals with the emotional attachment that one associates with food as opposed to just counting calories. Rob will help you take control of your life, help you avoid self-sabotage, and achieve the goal that you are aiming for! You Can:

• Control your eating habits (avoid over eating, make wiser food choices, eliminate cravings, refrain from emotional eating…;)
• Create a positive image and enjoy the journey of making that image a reality;
• Motivate and enjoy your exercise regiments, eliminate procrastination;
• Feel empowered and in control, thus boosting your self confidence

Treatment Price
Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy (4 sessions) £349
Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy (2 sessions) £299
Shape Up & Tone Up (3 sessions) £177
Weight Loss Self Hypnosis Audios (each) £19
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